Lanyards are fun and versatile accessories. Most commonly worn around the neck to easily and conveniently display ID cards, badges and tags, lanyards also make great keychains and hold onto other small items that can be easily lost. Retractable badge holders are popular for keeping cards that need to be scanned frequently in easy reach. Customisable lanyards can provide functional and inexpensive advertising by showing off company colours and raising awareness of special events, promotions and causes. With so many great uses, custom lanyards make your message a walking billboard.


Over the years we have refined our imprinting processes to give your design the best possible impact. The imprinting processes we offer are embroidery, sublimation and screen printing, all delivering a high quality finished product that’s sure to impress. Our custom lanyards are available in various sizes, with unlimited print and colour combinations.


We offer a wide variety of attachments for your custom lanyards. Custom accessories, such as badge holders for your lanyards, are also available. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can meet all of your lanyard needs.


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